Home care is a range of products that Federchemicals has developed in order to conjugate the performances and the effectiveness of professional products with the necessities of those ones who live every day the surfaces.

Homecare’s range of products is studied and developed starting from the exigencies of the users and the characteristics of the materials, and they are constantly updated with the trend of the materials that are placed on the market.
All the products are highly performing but they are also characterized by an extremely simple and fast application that allows taking care of the different surfaces.


Detegents for after-laying cleaning, for the daily care and for the extraordinary maintenance of the surfaces


Sealers and impregnators for in-depth protection of the surfaces from dirt, stains, water and humidity


Finishing and waxes that protect and keep efficient and durable the natural beauty of every material


Maintenance for the specific, extraordinary but also ordinary cleaning

After more than 40 years of professional experience in the high professional sector (restoration, buildings, ceramic) Federchemicals has decided to widen its experience to the Home care sector.
The home care line has been studied to meet the requirements of demanding customers who have seen their need growing over the years.
It combines aesthetics with practicality and it allows customers to live and enjoy all the rooms in their homes in total freedom. Therefore, the same demand came from industry professionals who required easy-to-use products that could solve specific problems with high performance technologies.

Federchemicals, always sensitive to innovation, wanted to complete the research it had carried out over the years and the special formulations of its products with the latest technologies, to meet everyone’s needs and solve the most common issues of any type of surface.

Chemical specialities for building constructions


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