Detegents for after-laying cleaning, for the daily care and for the extraordinary maintenance of the surfaces



Sealers and impregnators for in-depth protection of the surfaces from dirt, stains, water and humidity



Finishing and waxes that protect and keep efficient and durable the natural beauty of every material



Maintenance for the specific, extraordinary but also ordinary cleaning

Home care’s world

After more than 40 years of professional experience in the high professional sector (restoration, buildings, ceramic) Federchemicals has decided to widen its experience to the Home care sector.

Highly professional products

Home care is a range of products that Federchemicals has developed in order to conjugate the performances and the effectiveness of professional products with the necessities of those ones who live every day the surfaces.

Homecare’s range of products is studied and developed starting from the exigencies of the users and the characteristics of the materials, and they are constantly updated with the trend of the materials that are placed on the market.

A range of products that is ideal for:

  • Resales of building material
  • Showrooms
  • Applicators and tilers, artisans
  • Cleaning and maintenance companies
  • Private people and lovers of the “do-it-yourself”
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